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Ganesha Caffe is a special location in Bucharest, with a relaxing terrace, having a special original decoration, sprinkled with symbolic Oriental elements.

The Goddess who quietly watches over this wonderful environment, is even the one that offers the name of the location, namely "Ganesha". Known as the goddess of obstacles, no matter their material or spiritual provenience, she has two very well connected attributes, in Floreasca District, cumulated in a dual, antagonistic role: it creates and eliminates the defining obstacles for one’s personal evolution.

The exotic decor attracts through the explosion of vibrant colors, covering a divergent range of nuances along with the best hookah. Each room respects a special chromatic code that impresses through elegance and refinement. The terrace and the rooms are spacious, arranged so that you enjoy a superior degree of comfort and relaxation, while keeping a note of intimacy. The dark furniture has an exquisite elegance, offering a harmonious contrast with the royal red hues of the large sofas that dress in an unique way the outline of the rooms. This location gives customers an outstanding panoramic view of the ornamental elements.

The best Shisha in Bucharest

For us it is very important that you manage to identify your price for a few moments with this oriental, prolific decoration.

The ornamental richness is in the attention paid to details such as the Indian inspired multicolored cushions, the waves of fine textures that flow harmonically from the ceiling, as well as the ubiquitous golden details that can be found everywhere. Each room visually impresses through the complexity of vast illustrative paintings for the Indian culture and through the mixture of handcrafted decorations. All these Oriental flavors are harmoniously combined into a terrace in downtown Bucharest.

Also, the cafes' windows are inspired by oriental themes, complemented by compositional detailed stained glass. These are surprising by the chromatic complexity and depth of aesthetic details. At the ambient level, all elements gain a complete palette of meanings, and the unique design has the role of gradually transposing the rules of Indian culture, the effervescence through symbolism and chromaticity along with a good hookah in Floreasca District, in a special summer garden. The rooms are custom-shaded, giving customers the opportunity to spend relaxing moments in a personalized decoration. The exterior is also illustrative for the oriental culture, either from the perspective of the drawings, or from the impressive sculptures with the Ganesha divinity, which is masterly reigning at the entrance to the café. The atmosphere is complemented by Indian music, which succeeds in fine accords to induce an intense state of relaxation and oriental meditation.



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Summer garden in a wonderful place

Of course, we offer a full range of refreshments, alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails, personalized versions of milkshake, lemonade, or frappe, along with 100% natural freshness, flavored hookahs or fine alcoholic beverages and a good hookah.

In addition to the menu, we offer a careful selection of cakes, various dishes, unusual ice creams, and the famous ice hook with a full variety of flavors: pineapple, apple, orange, Ganesha version with surprise ingredients, or the "special" one, which contains a selection of alcoholic beverages in the most relaxing summer garden.

We are waiting for you in our terrace, located in Barbu Vacarescu street, no.71, where you can spend relaxing moments with your loved ones, regardless of the season, enjoying a refreshing drink or a special hookah.

The best tea house in Bucharest with quality music, the charming decor, the Indian inspired menu, the impeccable services, along with the courtesy of our staff, are the main reasons why Ganesha Caffe is an excellent option, especially when you want quality moments together with friends or family in a real summer garden. We are the best cafe in Bucharest with the best hookah.