About Us

Ganesha Caffe is the ideal place if you are looking for a happy environment, with an intimate atmosphere, where you can indulge with the best oriental drinks and deserts.

About Ganesha

At the entrance of the café you will be greeted with impressive sculptures with the God Ganesha, feeling from the first moment the flavors of India, right in the center of Bucharest, complemented by the gorgeous oriental music.

Get into the atmosphere

Please relax in a very special atmosphere, where time and space get other dimensions.

The ambience in our place is inspired by the Oriental culture and legend of the Ganesha Goddess.

The decor is entirely hand-crafted and carefully crafted in the smallest detail, each room inviting us with impressive paintings revealing the wonderful story of Indian culture. Both the windows of the café, complemented by carefully painted stained glass windows and the high quality colored ceilings, will transpose you into a magical world.

Why us

Ganesha Caffe is the right place to enjoy an evening out with friends or loved ones, enjoying the unique, carefully prepared products and our famous ice hookah. GANESHA GARDEN – A piece of nature in the heart of the city.

At the entrance you are welcomed by a show of lights, and as you step into the garden, you will be enchanted by Indian roses, silver beads and freshly blooming trees. Massive wooden pergolas alongside benches and chairs embroidered in oriental fabrics, as well as music of the same genre, keep the intimate and pleasant atmosphere. We are waiting for you at Ganesha Caffe & Garden where you will be impressed every time.