Arabic restaurant in Bucharest

We wait for you in the Ganesha restaurant

Arab cuisine is not only famous from the Maghreb to Mashriq, the Levant or the Persian Gulf. Arab cuisine is internationally recognized and appreciated for promoting a rich culture of spices and herbs, being influenced by the climate, growing regional and marketing opportunities specific to each area. The cuisines of the Maghreb and Levant are relatively young, but the Khaleej region is a very old one with a strong tradition in the back.

Ganesha Caffe is an Arabic restaurant that wants to bring to the local audience specific elements from all these regions, with the desire to share the richness and diversity of this cuisine with the romanians, which is a harmonious blend of Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian flavors. In most of the dishes in this Arabic restaurant in Bucharest you will find ingredients like cinnamon, curry powder, garlic, beef, light sauces, mint, rice, saffron, various varieties of vegetables: cucumbers, eggplants, parsley. .

Ganesha Caffe aims to become a popular Arabic restaurant in Bucharest, so it offers its customers an impressive selection of specific dishes, classified according to the day of their serving. Thus, for breakfast we offer complex dishes, which include Hommous, Moutabal or Halloumi, which complements the classical European omelet. If you are passionate about cold snacks, in our Arabic restaurant you can order fresh and healthy Labne cream or the full Ganesha appetizer, which includes the Arabic specialties Hommous, Labne or Moutabal.

At lunch, this Arabian restaurant it sets itself apart by specialties such as Lentil Cream Soup, Fatoush or Tabouleh special salads, or hot snacks. From the last section, we recommend customers who want to discover the specific aromas of an Arab restaurant such as Sambusek with meat, Arayes kebab and cheese, Lahmacun, Ras Asfour mushrooms or Chicken Sarhat with white sauce.

The complete Menu at the arabic restaurant Ganesha

From an arabic restaurant in Bucharest you can not miss grilled dishes, such as berbecut mushroom sauce or classic Kebab. In terms of garments and sauces, spices make a difference. Thus, you are invited to taste the exotic flavor of mint and garlic potatoes, as well as rice with noodles and raisins. For a full Arabic menu, our specialty restaurant offers surprising dessert ideas, from popular ones such as nutmeg and milk rice to traditional specialties such as Halawet el Jibn or Nood al Set.

Above all, the Ganesha Arabic Restaurant in the heart of Bucharest wants to bring to Romania the essential concept of Arab cuisine, namely hospitality. Besides delicious flavors of appetizing spices that joggle through the air, you must prepare for a fantastic feast of tastes, as the guest is always welcome and treated like a family member in an Arab restaurant.

A mix of ancient spices, taken from the far east, along with the traditions honored over time, are the two aspects that offer charm to the Arabic cuisine. No wonder that today's rich flavors have crossed the borders and enjoyed appreciation around the world. However, it should not be forgotten that today, whenever a family gathers together to share a meal, these unique taste influences are complemented by the love and warmth of the family. We want to recreate this feeling at this Arabic restaurant in Bucharest.

In fact, the popularity of Arabic cuisine can be attributed to the fact that whenever good-tasting people have glanced at these delicacies, their natural impulse was to learn how to recreate that original and complex taste found in a arabesque restaurant. Rice surrounded by vegetables, beef and freshly marinated, along with the finest spices - these are the olfactory shades that turn a kind of arabic food into an absolute culinary delight.

But the first bite is just the first step, because you will soon want to try other delicious dishes from the menu of the Ganesha restaurant in Bucharest.